You know what's cool about kids? 


You know what's cool about me?

I'm honest!

Children are growing up doing cool things and most parents use one of the items below to preserve those "never to be seen again" moments from their kids' childhood...memories that will ultimately become their children's family heirlooms...for future generations to treasure!

Image result for iphone 7 plus

There's only one problem...

these are phones.  They can't capture the cool images you'll want to own down the road.  They can't...because they're phones...they're made for communicating.

Sure, the pics look best when you look at them on your bright screen...go ahead and print one.  Wait, I can save you some time...they'll be fairly poor. 

This is what I use...

Canon 200mmf1.8


If you've watched the Olympics in the last 40 years,

this is one of the more popular lenses pros use.

This is what mine creates...

When you want amazing treasures of your kids:

  • (60) Minute Appointment
  • Professional, Natural Light, Location Photography
  • Children, Pets or Both
  • All images available for download


Discounts available for 2+ families.

Kids and Pets only.

Contact me today to schedule your session!

I want you to have beautiful memories.

You'll like me and so will your kids...I promise!

  I greatly appreciate your consideration!

Tony Palmieri 

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