(Rest for a minute and see if you recognize anyone in the beautiful senior picture slideshow.  If you're on a computer there is a white thin scroll bar to the right you can slide down  to read more.)

Hey 2020 Grads,

Congrats on Becoming Seniors!

If you're considering who to choose, be sure to compare images by noting the following. 

  •  is light falling on hair, skin, clothing and present in the backgrounds?
  • are the backgrounds blurred?
  •  are the background colors beautiful?
  •  are the clouds and sky vibrant?
  •  do the skin tones look real?
  • does the senior look relaxed and natural

You'll receive all of those items in my images.

I'm yearbook approved by most schools and 2 minutes from Kenston High School.  I'm 15 minutes from from NDCL, Chagrin, Solon, Aurora, West G. and Newbury among other schools.


The above offer is valid for order exceeding $200


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After clicking on the link below, click on the image that appears if you're on a computer.  It becomes larger and much easier to read.

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Grad party slideshows, too!

  Groups and friends welcomed!


Call me at 440.543.1117 or 440-670-1742 to inquire more or to schedule your session.

I truly appreciate your consideration and promise you'll be satisfied.  Tony


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