What an exciting game; well played everyone!

 I strongly suggest viewing these on a computer or tablet; cell phones may be challenging.

If an image is darker, it can be brightened (and vice versa).

The overlay will be removed when purchased.

You can also create a "Favorites Folder" to Save your Selections to

I'll need the file name's 4 digit number from the orange bar

 above the image when it's enlarged to fill your order. 

It will be "gcfca-palmieri-XXXX"

- 4x6 individual, (non-team) printable digital files - $7 each.

- 8x12 individual, (non-team) printable digital files - $10 ea.

There is an extra $1.00/image expense for me to crop in and make your player the center of attention

 Larger digital files are available upon request.

 Payment can be made via Venmo or Paypal.

 Before paying, please text me @ 440-670-1742

My Venmo address is Tony-Palmieri-12

and the last 4 digits of my phone are 1742 if necessary.


For credit card payments via PayPal, use

Before paying, please text me @ 440-670-1742


Each game file paid with PayPal will be $7.25 and $10.35 respectively to account for transaction fees.

Before paying, please text me @ 440-670-1742 


Click Here for Camera 1 Game Pics

Click Here for Camera 2 Game Pics


Many thanks!

Tony Palmieri  :-)