Congrats to All Who Played Friday Night!


I'm sure you'll remember that game for many years to come.

 To make things easy:

- 4x6 non-team printable digital files will only be $7 each.

8x12 non-team printable digital files are $10 ea.

Larger digital files are available upon request.

Team files are available @$50 each for an 8x12.

(Because if one person has it he shares it with everyone else)


Payment can be made via Venmo or Paypal.

Before paying, we need to chat @ 440-670-1742 (text pls.)

My Venmo address is Tony-Palmieri-12

and the last 4 digits of my phone are 1742.

For credit card payments via PayPal, use

Each file paid with PayPal will be $7.25 and $10.35 respectively to account for transaction fees.

Here is the link for Thursday Night w/Kevin Mack

Here is the link for Friday Night

Tony Palmieri  :-)