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Hi and congratulations on having a First Communicant this year!  What an exciting time for your family!

I'm currently offering options based on where you live. 

For First Communicants near the Chagrin Valley, I'm offering the following packages including a private session in my studio. 

For St. Joseph's parents, so that you may have a beautiful memento to remember the day by, and since you can't see your child's face at the moment they receive their First Communion, I capture that moment for eternity.  Please navigate to the Specials tab on my website for more information.

Please download and complete the form (if you don't have one already) and mail it to the address on the top of the form.

I'm offering the ability to own the digital file if your order comes to at least $75.  If your portrait order is under $75 then just make an additional payment for the difference and I'll email you the file.

Congrats again and looking forward to hearing from you!  Tony Palmieri